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Banjo Clarke was extraordinary … his life was one of forgiving; a life of kindness and a life of love. - Malcolm Fraser
[Wisdom Man] goes beyond documenting history to explore Mr. Clarke’s simple morality of forgiveness and compassion … People who knew Mr. Clarke will find the book a valuable reminder of what the esteemed man stood for, while those who never met him will wish they had. - Jason Wallace, Portland Observer
Banjo Clarke was a remarkable person. Reading through this book, the stories in the book, the attitudes that are expressed, and the standards that he sought to live by – is a lesson to all of us which we should heed. - former Australian prime minister Malcolm Fraser (read the full endorsement of Banjo Clarke and Wisdom Man)
...Banjo became known by thousands of people for he touched them all in some way. I doubt that anyone who ever met him was able to forget him, nor would they want to. What he leaves behind, the text of "Wisdom Man" as told to Camilla Chance, is nothing short of words of wisdom for the world to listen to. Let us hope that people take heed. -
An amazing and touching book - I could relate to all the Aboriginal beliefs. I felt like I had met him and his kids at the end of the book. It brought me to tears, really. Now Banjo lives more than ever through this publication even after his death. - Nadema Agard, New York City, Native America artist/writer and author of Southeastern Native Arts Directory
Wisdom Man is a beautiful book. Congratulations and deepest respect. Without you, Banjo would not be known to the world. My respect and admiration. I would love to re-meet the Camilla, now that the major and overwhelming task of the tribute to your teacher has been accomplished. Hannelore Hahn, New York City, writer, Founder and Executive Director of International Women's Writing Guild
What a grand read I had with Wisdom Man. You really did a superb job shaping the wonderful story. I loaned my copy of Wisdom Man to a Brit from Cardiff who's African-American and now works in the Post Office. I suspect my copy has made the rounds of the African-American 'community' here in Evergreen. You may have done something very special and wonderful for these folks who, as a whole, are very poor. You've affected positively a lot of lives, which has to be truly significant. Bless you. Professor Dianne S. Lodge Peters, writer, Alabama
My friends and I marvel at this book. The amazingly straightforward telling makes it all the more compelling. It has lifted me in many ways. Anyone who didn't get a copy, I urge to do so. Christy Morrison, writer, Mountain View, CA I am enchanted with this beautiful book. I feel something very special and important has come into my hands. And I must add I admire your courage and spirit. As I read your chapter about writing Banjo's life, I felt 'Here is a remarkable person' - meaning you. Suzanne Stroot, journalist, San Diego, CA
Banjo Clarke is a wonderful human being and we all can learn so much from all the beauty and peace he carried in his spirit. I feel so much closer to the Aboriginal people after reading your book. Many times I was brought to tears, my heart goes out to them yet I rejoice in their loving spirit. Thank you for being there throughout the years, holding the stories so close to your heart. I admire your tenacity with the project. I'm glad that you saw such value in one being, located in a small part of the planet that we all too often rarely think of. We can use the gifts Banjo has to give - even now, he lives. Patricia Kay, writer and photographer, Mystic, CT