An Extraordinary Man, An Unforgettable Story

Despite a life filled with discrimination and hardship, Aboriginal Elder Banjo Clarke never lost his faith in the human spirit and the goodness of people; his dedication to kindness and forgiveness made him a beloved teacher and inspiration to all whom he met.

Author Camilla Chance has truly captured the essence of this much-adored tribal leader. Very much a man of his place and time, the lessons of Banjo’s life are universal and timeless.

You will never forget Banjo and his inspiring journey.

Over 27 years, Camilla Chance earned an Aboriginal Elder’s trust to hear and tell this story. 
Award-winning prophecy from ancient wisdom.
Wisdom Man
Available worldwide in 5 languages.

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Banjo Clarke, Wisdom Man

Here is rare video [7-min.] of Banjo Clarke describing Australia’s history.
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Camilla Chance, author

Camilla Chance on her own background and interest in the Indigenous culture of her adopted country.
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Barbara Bixon's experience

What are the chances a book on your table would move the server to tears?
Barbara Bixon Carter tells the story.
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The Wisdom Man story

This documentary shot on two continents [25-min.], introduces Banjo Clarke, the amazing Aboriginal Elder.
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Praise for Wisdom Man

Best Multicultural

Wisdom Man won First Prize for “Best Multicultural Non-Fiction” from USA Book

Unsung Hero Award

Camilla Chance was the first non-Aboriginal person to receive the prestigious “Unsung Hero Award”.  It was presented by an Australian Aboriginal radio station and an Australian Aboriginal newspaper.

Wisdom Man received Honorable Mention
among Biography/Autobiography entries at the London Book Festival.

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General excellence and the author’s passion for telling a good story, and
the work’s potential to gain a wider audience in the worldwide market.