An Extraordinary Man, An Unforgettable Story

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We can learn much from the Aboriginal people and Aboriginal Elder, Banjo Clarke, whom Camilla Chance writes about in her award-winning book, “Wisdom Man”, which also received “Honorable Mention” at the London Book Festival.

The book was on the best-seller list in Australia, and an Australian documentary made about it was nominated for a Humanitarian Award.  Author Camilla Chance became the first non-Aboriginal to receive the prestigious Unsung Hero Aboriginal Award for her dedication and work for the Aboriginal people.  In addition, the book won the award for Best Multicultural work.

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An amazing Aboriginal Elder, Banjo tells of traditions like caring for the land, taking only what you need, sharing with others and a deep psychic connection to one’s Elders.

Once published, the story became an Australian best-seller entitled, “Wisdom Man Banjo Clarke as told to Camilla Chance”. The book is now in its second edition from Penguin-Random House.

Banjo lived from 1922-2000 and his funeral was the largest of any ever held in Warrnambool and district, Australia.